Freefall by Jessica Barry

What a twisty thrill ride that Jessica Barry gave us! I enjoyed Freefall a great deal especially for a debut novel.

The story begins in the aftermath of a private plane crash in the Colorado Rockies with a dead pilot/fiance and our surviving heroine, Allison. While the world thinks that Allison died in the crash, she knows that she is being hunted as she hikes off the mountain. Who is hunting her and why?

With alternating perspectives (my favorite), we also meet Ally’s mom, Maggie, a widow in Maine who has been estranged from her only child for several years. The news reports and photos of Allison don’t even look like her daughter. She can’t accept that she has lost her only child and begins digging into the life of Allison.

As Maggie uncovers bits and pieces of her daughters life, Allison recalls memories while hiking that start to reveal who Allison had become or at least pretended to become. Was she really a devoted fiance to Ben Gardner, the CEO of an important pharma corporation? Was she just a ornament on Ben’s arm for big social events with no real knowledge of his shady business deals? Or was she a paid companion turned call girl for extremely wealthy old business men? None of this sounds like the young lady that Maggie raised. Maggie is constantly asking herself “How well do we know our adult children? How can they stray so far from everything we taught them?” all while digging away at more clues.

Freefall was thoroughly entertaining and hard to put down. While this story feels familiar, it is completely different at the same time. Allison and Maggie are both strong female characters who kick ass until they finally get to the bottom of it! I loved the strong females, the story line written at a perfect pace and a twisty ending that you can’t imagine would happen. I strongly recommend this thriller and know I will be seeing it in beach bags all summer long!