Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner

Drawing Home

Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner is a wonderful story about family, both the family we are born with and the family we create for ourselves. This is the third Brenner book that I have read and does not disappoint.

Emma (the mother) and Penny (the daughter) live in the sleepy, little beach town of Sag Harbor that springs to life every May by tourists. Penny has OCD and not many friends her age but she loves to draw and makes friends with Henry Wyatt, the towns’ most famous resident. Henry came to Sag Harbor from a busy life in NYC when he retired from his career as a painter. Henry hangs out at the bar of The American Hotel, where Emma works and Penny spends time. Henry gives drawing lessons to Penny and the two form a deep friendship over graphic novels, drawing and art.

Upon Henry’s death, Emma and Penny discover that Henry has left his amazing showplace house, the furnishings and all of his art to Penny, which confuses Emma and infuriates someone from Henry’s past.

The characters are well written and likable. Jamie Brenner is one of my favorite writers and while the story summaries and book covers may look like her books are just another fluffy beach read, they are much more. This one is a summer beach story, a family story and a story of friendship. Thanks to Netgalley, Jamie Brenner and Little Brown & Company to the opportunity to review this one ahead of the publish date of May 7, 2019.

Author: Vicki

Avid reader in the Bluegrass State

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