Run Away by Harlan Coben

Run Away

Run Away by Harlan Coben

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In my opinion, Harlan Coben is one of the most underrated authors. I see so many people on Goodreads and Instagram celebrating dozen of other writers-old classics, the new hot debut author and the tried and true- but rarely see much mention of Coben. I always tell people to read his books because he can spin a twisty tale like no other! Run Away was just as twisty as I have come to expect from Coben!

The main character, Simon Greene, is a husband and father of 3 in NYC and has just found Paige, his heroin addicted daughter, in Central Park. This sighting leads to an altercation between Simon and Paige’s dealer boyfriend, Aaron, which goes viral. Right about the time that Simon’s life gets back to normal, the police show up to question him because Aaron has been murdered. In the efforts to exonerate himself and find his daughter, Simon’s wife, Ingrid, is shot and in a coma, which leads Simon on a wild goose chase to figure out where Paige is, who killed Aaron, what is this hold that Aaron and Paige share, what led Paige to being an addict and will Ingrid recover?

This story deals with sexual assault, religious cults and drug addiction but none of it is overly graphic but warnings should still be mentioned. This heart racing, breathless thriller is sure to please and should definitely be added to your TBR list. While you are at it, go deep dive into some older Coben novels. He is truly a treasure and will, hopefully, become a favorite of yours.

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One thought on “Run Away by Harlan Coben”

  1. I appreciate your reviews. So many people leave it with I liked it or I couldn’t get into it. Thank you for following me. I hope you enjoy my unvarnished posts of this upcoming biography. XO M


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